Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hello world.

I am a lousy blogger. First and foremost - I feel that if you are reading what I am writing, then you should be aware of this. I never know what to say and often, I will just write things I am currently fond or not fond of.

Public Relations. Ah, years of dealing with jobs including the title "guest service agent", "client service specialist", etc. have confirmed that I indeed have create a niche for myself in the world involving the public. I just haven't managed to find my career that doesn't involve me wanting to murder everyone ever...I mean, no, actually I do mean that. Did you know I used to be the manager of a hotel? That was short lived and miserable.

That being said - I am not artistic. In fact, I would honestly describe myself as artistically challenged. There is a saying I keep hearing "any girl who owns a camera is a photographer"...and it's for the most part true. Wow, thanks for taking pictures of the meal you created for your family. Awesome, that tree has hoarfrost - HOLY SHIT that should be on display for everyone with eyes to see!

I like taking pictures of things - like my family, my friends and weird shit I see while off gallivanting. I also like to cook, I like TV shows too but that doesn't mean I am a chef or a script writer. *facepalm*

Technology has given us the ability to take pictures no matter where we are - and that is amazing. Fucking amazing. Does that mean I need you to take a picture of yourself in a bathroom in that edgy restaurant? No. If you are inclined to do so, by all means do it and enjoy yourself - just don't post it on facebook and expect me to think you are the COOLEST DUDE EVER. You aren't - all you have shown me is that you use the bathroom just like I do - and that you like having your picture taken either just before you pee or just after. Gross mental images.

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